College ID Combine

  • So you need exposure and your team does not make it into the top flight of major showcases
  • Your club coach is a great trainer but doesn’t have the experience or expertise with a college recruitment program.
  • You feel you have the talent but need some structure and an opportunity to perform in front of many of the well-respected programs from many of the NE top schools.

The 3rd NESS Player Combine brings to Long Island an event geared to get college exposure. The NESS Player Combine utilizes the college contacts of one of the top clubs in the country. NESS has the ability to attract the northeast schools and offer all candidates the environment to perform.

Come be a part of:

30 years of Experience in the training, college recruitment of female players.

In-depth player recruitment network comprised of all major, mid major, and academically based schools.

Over 30 College Coaches attended the 2018 event. Expecting over 50 this year.

Feb. 22, 2019

9:30am – 3:00pm


Hofstra Bubble

Kevin Koehn